The Church at Five Points has always been and always will be a special place of God’s love revealed and a community of Christ’s love expressed. We are a place of fellowship, worship, prayer and caring. This small country church has been a vessel through which many ministers, singers and missionaries have come. As a child I remember that a communal and spiritual atmosphere that provided a sense of security and family. All who came were welcome. That same spirit exists today. No matter who you are, rich or poor, refined or raw, you will find Christ’s love and salvation available at this place. It is a place of acceptance in a world of selectiveness. It is a place of healing in a world of sickness. It is a place of hope in a world of fear. It is sphere of God’s unending certain love on a sphere of continuous confusion and doubt. May the love and compassion of Christ, which dwells in you, my family at Five Points, continually grow larger and stronger.  May all who come through these doors find God’s love that will change their life forever.

In Christ’s Love,

Your Pastor Dana Altimore